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4mm Yoga Mat

Product Details


Designed to combine a strong grounding with greater comfort, the Reebok 4 mm Yoga Mats find the perfect middle-ground for more rooted poses. Ideal for both Yoga and Pilates, the Mat features a subtle non-slip texture on both its top and bottom surface, providing the extra grip needed to achieve stronger and more aligned positions.


Complete with a carry string included, the simple loop fastening design slips over both ends of your Mat, sliding down to secure it for easy transport to and from your classes. Lightweight and effortlessly rollable, the 4 mm Mat stores away with ease, keeping your space clear between sessions.


  • 4 mm thickness - balances comfort with a solid foundation

  • Features a non-slip texture for more rooted Yoga poses

  • Carry string included for easy transport to and from classes

  • Simple carry string design with quick loop fastening

  • Lightweight and rollable for tidy storage

  • Ideal for both Yoga and Pilates

  • Dimensions 173 (L) x 61 (W) cm

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