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7ft Performance Olympic Bar



Designed for more advanced compound lifting, the Reebok Performance Olympic Bar helps push your training further. Made from solid steel with a deep knurled grip, the bar combines eight needle bearings with two brass bushings for smooth and consistent rotations.

Fit for heavy lifting, the bar’s 230K PSI rating stands up to tougher training sessions, with 50 mm sleeves for Olympic plates.


The 8 needle bearings are the premium technology used to ensure a smooth collar spin (allowing the plates to rotate) when lifting at speed and work with the lifter to ensure the best motion possible, reducing risk of injury and allowing the user to really push themselves during challenging lifts. The bar has a hardened chrome finish with medium knurl for the hand grips, providing solid grip without restriction or discomfort. The handle on the bar has two ring markers to distinguish ideal hand placement for both Olympic and power lifting. The bar is not restricted to Olympic lifting, as it is widely used in both power lifting and bodybuilding respectively.


  • Bar weight: 20 kg

  • Designed for 50 mm plates

  • Eight needle bearings and two brass bushings

  • Knurled handgrips + central knurl

  • Made from solid steel

  • Spring collars included

  • 220 cm in length