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Ab Wedge Mat

Product Details


Designed to help support your lower back and promote proper form, the Reebok Ab Wedge helps you more effectively target the core and extend your range of motion, combining to help you both strengthen and tone your abs and obliques.


Constructed with a high-density foam core and durable synthetic leather cover, the ab wedge combines comfort and durability whilst maintaining the ideal amount of support. Easy to clean post-workout for greater hygiene, the wedge also features a rubberised flat base design for greater traction and more stable wedge positioning.


  • Designed to support your lower back and promote proper form

  • Helps to effectively target your core to strengthen and tone

  • Made from high-density foam with a synthetic leather cover

  • Rubberised flat base texture grips the floor for greater traction

  • Easy to clean surface post-workout for greater hygiene

  • 29 x 43 x 6.5 cm

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