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Boxing Gloves + Wraps Set

Product Details


Preparing you for all combat training, the Reebok Glove and Wrap Set equips you for bag, pad and sparring sessions.


Providing tailored wrist and hand protection, Reebok Wraps deliver comprehensive support for boxing and combat training. 2.5 m in length, the wraps allow a tailored fit with an integrated thumb loop for ease of application.


Fit for all combat disciplines, Reebok Boxing Gloves are constructed from durable synthetic leather with injection foam padding. The gloves ergonomic design promotes correct punching form with a padded grasp bar and 5 mm gel lining increasing protection and grip.


Solid in construction; the gloves Velcro wrist strap maximises support with a breathable palm for added ventilation.


  • 12 oz boxing gloves + 2.5 m wraps

  • 2.5 m in length, the wraps allow for a tailored fit

  • 5 mm gel lining in gloves increases impact absorption

  • Elasticated thumb-loop allows easy wrapping

  • Ideal for bag, pad and sparring sessions

  • Injection foam-padded gloves for comfort and protection

  • Strong Velcro fastening

  • Woven wraps with secure Velcro closure

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