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Foam Roller

Product Details


Roll away tight tissue before and after training. The Reebok Foam Roller applies effective and consistent pressure for more beneficial foam rolling. Made from dense EVA foam that balances responsiveness and rigidity, the foam roller supports and comforts your body with a structure strong enough to support 110 kg / 242 lb.

Designed with two types of surface texture, the foam roller helps you to achieve a deeper and more targeted massage as you roll across the two distinct sections. 33 cm long with a diameter of 14 cm, the roller features a strong hollow core that can be utilised for upper, lower and core rolling.


  • EVA foam outer provides the perfect balance between responsiveness and rigidity

  • Strong hollow core maintains its form for effective pressure while targeting muscles

  • Two types of surface texture provides varied levels of pressure and responsiveness

  • 33 cm long with a diameter of 14 cm, makes it ideal for total body coverage

  • Lightweight and easy to transport - a gym bag essential for post workout recovery

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