Premium Push Up Bars

Product Details


Allowing you to extend your range of motion further, the Reebok Premium Push-Up Bars enhance each rep by heightening your workout to an additional 14 cm / 5.5" from the ground to place even greater emphasis on your chest, arms and shoulders. This allows you to deepen your range of motion for more demanding push-ups, bringing greater benefit and effectiveness with each and every rep.


Featuring comfortable, high-grip foam handles, the Premium Push-Up Bars neutral grip position is designed to ease wrist discomfort and prevent hyperextension. The bars stable design and thick rubber-grip feet lay a solid foundation while the strong build quality provides extra durability and strength.


  • 14 cm / 5.5" height adds depth to your push-ups

  • Increased vertical range places more emphasis on the chest, arm and shoulder muscles

  • Foam handles provide greater comfort and a better grip

  • Neutral handle positioning eases wrist discomfort

  • Wide rectangular design for maximum stability

  • Four rubber-grip feet add traction

  • Solid build quality with a maximum user weight of 130 kg / 286lb