Supporting up to 125kg in bodyweight, the Reebok Parallette Bars are 25" (64cm) in length with a 13" (33cm) elevation and are an indispensable piece of training equipment.


You certainly don't have to be a trained gymnast to start using parallette bars, but they do provide amazing strength training benefits including improved upper body strength, forward and vertical pressing power, as well as stronger lats, forearms and core.


Elevating you 13" off the ground, the solid bars allow for a deeper range of motion for common moves such as dips, push-ups, tuck sits, v-sits and handstand push-ups, and throughout any move, the Reebok Parallette Bars keep their position thanks to their textured flat feet.


Built to last, you can feel the quality of the 30mm diameter steel handles as you perform your parallette drills. The number of exercises that can be performed using just this one piece of kit is outstanding making the Reebok Parallette Bars an ideal tool to incorporate into your functional training programme.

Parallette Bars

    • 125kg max. user weight
    • 25" (64cm) in length, 13" (33cm) elevation
    • 30mm diameter hollow steel handles
    • Parallette Bars - Utilises bodyweight for a variety strength training workouts
    • Textured flat feet reduces slip and movement
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