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Resistance Tube

Product Details


Perfect for use on the go, at home, or whilst travelling, Reebok Resistance Tubes allow you to target the upper and lower body without needing bulky or cumbersome equipment. Small enough to fit in your backpack or carry-on luggage, the Tubes help you strengthen and tone with a huge array of dynamic exercise options.


Made from durable and tear-resistant TPR material, the Reebok Tubes deliver dependable and consistent resistance for safe and effective training sessions. Complete with foam-padded handles for a more comfortable and stronger grip, the Tubes prevent the aggravation caused by a traditional dumbbell or barbell knurling.


Available in light, medium and heavy resistance options (5, 10 & 15kg), Reebok Resistance Tubes allow you to challenge your strength and muscular endurance.


  • Levels: light - 5 kg / medium - 10 kg / heavy - 15 kg

  • Ideal for both upper and lower body workouts

  • Designed to help strengthen and tone

  • Great for use at home, on the go or whilst travelling

  • Foam padded handles for a more comfortable grip

  • TPR tube material is both strong and tear-resistant

  • Durable design with versatile functionality

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