Weight Set



A hybrid between traditional strength training and a studio class, the Reebok weight set is fit for both home and gym environments. Durable in construction and versatile in function, the Weight Set gives you all the tools to enhance your exercise regime.


Made from hardwearing steel, the weight set bar stands up to constant use. 25mm in diameter with a 2.5mm thick wall, the bar is thin enough to avoid fatiguing your forearms, yet sturdy enough to withstand a 40Kg/88lb load. Featuring numbered hand grip positions, the bar provides a template to help guide your form.


Constructed with a cast iron core and a TPU outer, the weight set plates are designed with function and ergonomics in mind. Built for use on the bar or alone, the versatile plates have dual functionality with a cut-out inner section providing a natural grip for dumbbell style exercises.


Including two twist-lock collars, the weight set is quick and easy to load; keeping your exercise transitions sharp.


  • 25mm bar diameter for grip comfort

  • Debossed Kg and lb metrics

  • Dual-function plates for use on and off the bar

  • Durable 2.5mm thick steel

  • Durable cast iron plates with TPU outer

  • Hardwearing and solid construction

  • Ideal for home and gym workouts

  • Included: Plates (2x 1.25Kg/2.75lb, 2x 2.5Kg/5.5lb, 2x 5Kg/11lb), 25mm steel bar & 2 twist-lock collars

  • Max. load 40Kg/88lb

  • Numbered hand position references

  • Red ‘locked in’ collar indicator

  • Simple twist-lock collar mechanism

  • Unique Delta loading system