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Weighted Training Gloves

Product Details


Helping to develop power and speed, Reebok Weighted Gloves enhance your training intensity for amplified workouts. Designed to strengthen and tone, the gloves tax your arms and shoulders for progressive shadow boxing or bodyweight movements.


Strategically weighted, the gloves’ palm-less design adds to their natural feel for total comfort and performance. Secured tightly with a wraparound Velcro strap, the Reebok Gloves intensify your workouts for muscular endurance and fitness development.


  • 2 x 0.5 kg gloves

  • Designed to ramp up your training

  • Ideal for boxing and bodyweight movements

  • Integrated finger pulls for easy removal

  • Neoprene material for a comfortable fit

  • Strategic weight distribution for a natural feel

  • Wraparound Velcro strap

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