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If you can't find the help you're looking for, our tech support team will be happy to help, you can either use our online chat system, located at the bottom right of the browser window, or you can contact us here.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

We recommend that you regularly inspect your bench or rack and perform maintenance procedures such as lubricating and tightening moving parts and connections.

We also advice that you wipe any perspiration from the product after each use.


If there are parts missing from your assembly pack, please contact us.


If your bench or rack is creaking when in use, this could either be a loose connecting or a need for lubrication.


Please make sure all the fittings are tightened as much as possible. Metal moving parts can be lubricated with WD40 or copper grease.

Bench & Rack Registration

Registration is recommended as it allows us to quickly access your product information should you ever need to contact us with a query or technical issue.

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