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Discover the Reebok Fitness Console App: the perfect partner for your Treadmill, Bike, or Cross Trainer.

Take your training to new heights with an intuitive app that injects new life into your sessions. Connect with popular training apps like Zwift, Kinomap and Peloton to bring excitement and diversity to each workout, allowing you to join interactive classes and experience more immersive training environments.

Discover a varied selection of ready-made fitness programmes designed exclusively for Reebok cardio machines. Challenge yourself and monitor your development through detailed performance reports, track the progress of your journey, and acquire valuable training insights. Furthermore, you can directly share fitness milestones on your social media platforms to celebrate each achievement.


Effortlessly use the app on your smartphone or tablet across our bluetooth cardio range, documenting each workout as you progress towards your fitness targets. Additionally, you can seamlessly sync your training data with external health and fitness tracking apps, allowing the continued use of your preferred tools while maintaining data security and confidentiality through TLS encryption.

Compatible Models

Experience the Reebok Fitness Console App by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play and embark on a new fitness journey.

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