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Premium Skipping Rope

Product Details


Delivering effortless rotations for elite skipping workouts, the Premium Skipping Rope builds speed, endurance, coordination and timing. Fitted with a tangle-free ball bearing mechanism at the shoulder of the handles, the Premium Rope provides a seamless cadence and rope path; keeping the focus on your training.


Complete with ergonomically formed handles with rubberised contact zones, the Rope fits easily into your palm and thumb positions for a more stabilised grip throughout your session. Designed to accommodate two 150g metal weight inserts, the internal spring-cushioned handles can be loaded to drastically ramp up the intensity of each rotation.


280 cm in length, the Premium Rope is easy to adjust and cut to suit your height, simply remove the end cap, slide the stopper and you're ready to train. Made from durable material with a rubberised feel, the Rope delivers greater speed and accuracy for elite-level skipping workouts.


  • Ideal for cardio workouts on the go, skipping allows you to work on your endurance when time and spa

  • Featuring a tangle-free ball bearing mechanism, the Rope delivers effortless rotations

  • Fitted with ergonomic handles with rubberised contact points, the Premium Rope offers optimal grip

  • Complete with removable weight inserts, the Rope's handles can be spring-loaded with 150g cylinders

  • 280 cm long, the Premium Skipping Rope is easily cut and adjusted to match your height

  • Durably made with a rubberised feel, the Rope delivers speed and accuracy for better cadence

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