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How to update the Netflix App on your Reebok Treadmill

If your Netflix app on your Reebok Treadmill isn’t working, you may need to update the app. To do this, simply follow the below instructions.

You will need:

  • Your Treadmill

  • A computer/laptop

  • A blank USB stick (USB-A)

  • The download file below:

On your computer / laptop:

1.   Download and extract the download file above

2.  Drag the preInstall file onto the USB Stick, as shown below

Netflix File Update

3.  Remove the USB stick from the computer

On your treadmill:

4.  Turn on your Treadmill

5.  Insert the USB stick containing the update file into the treadmill (NOTE: insert into the 2nd USB slot, not the Bluetooth USB slot)

6.  When prompted with “Detect an installation script, execute it?” on screen, select YES

7.   Wait for the update file to complete, and then REMOVE the USB stick

8.  Open Netflix

9.  When prompted with “New version of application found. Do you want to update?” select CANCEL

10. This should take you to a landing page

11.  Select SIGN IN, and sign in using your Netflix account

12. You have successfully Updated the Netflix App on your treadmill

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