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Treadmill Mat

Product Details


Setting both a stable and protective foundation for your home cardio workouts, the Reebok Treadmill Mat helps to prevent damage on all types of flooring, providing a buffer between the ground and heavy cardio machines.


Designed to dampen the force and vibrations caused during high-intensity workouts, the Mat minimises training noise for a more considered home training session. Simply roll out the Mat, place your Treadmill on top, and the difference is immediately noticeable.


Made from a high-density and hardwearing polymer material, the 6mm thick base provides protection without sacrificing stability, allowing you to create a more balanced foundation on both soft and hard surfaces. The Mat remains quick and easy to roll away post-workout, allowing you to regain your space if your Treadmill is put aside between workouts.


  • Designed to prevent damage and protect flooring from heavy cardio machines

  • Helps to dampen training noise and vibrations on all flooring types

  • 6 mm thickness - provides protection and stability

  • Made from a durable and high-density polymer material

  • Easily rollable for storage post-workout

  • Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm

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