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Weight Vest

Product Details


Bringing more intensity to your workouts, the Reebok Strength Series Weight Vest ramps up your sessions for potently progressive training. Helping to tax your muscular and cardio endurance, the vest makes any movement more effective; taking a toll on your muscles for more challenging fitness.


Strategically constructed for total balance and stability, the vest’s enclosed weight pouches maintain a natural body feel for enhanced but un-effected training. Secured tightly with dual buckle fastenings, the vest stays put through demanding and energetic sessions; helping you push towards a new fitness baseline.


  • Weights: 3 kg / 5 kg / 10 kg

  • Boosts your training intensity

  • Engineered for total balance and stability

  • Strategically placed weight packs for balance and stability

  • Dual-buckle fastenings for a locked-in fit

  • Laser-cut ventilation encourages airflow

  • One size fits all

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